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The sin of desperation

July 4, 2007

Silly Tracey. Silly, silly Tracey. Doesn’t she understand that her housemates aren’t going to thank her for turning down an offer they’d snatch up straight away (Charley probably wouldn’t have even got to the two packets off backie stage).

What does she think it will achieve? A party? Great. Woo. Another chance for Charley to provoke an argument. A luxury food budget – great: the only thing Tracery cares about in that budget is getting enough money for backie. And with as much backie as she needs, she won’t have to worry about the rest PLUS she’d get extra nominations, thus saving herself for being up for another week. But Tracey, who has been up for eviction three times so far, is desperate to find common ground with the rest of her housemates, and in a pitiful bid to win their respect, gave up what most of her fellow housemates would go for (even perhaps the twins…)

Sure, when her housemates hear about what she turned down (if they do) they’ll be grateful and be nice to her. But I’m sure they’ll go back to nominating her again in the coming weeks. She’s just too different for them to want to have around.

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