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Send out the clown

June 23, 2007

A bit sad to see Seany go. He’d been trying to get on BB for four years, so you’ve got to admire his patience! I’m not really sure why he was voted out. All I can think of to explain it is that all his nu rave mates are currently jumping up and down in a muddly field to the Arctic Monkeys and weren’t voting for him.

He got a good reception though and got a bit tearful over Laura bless him. But I really thought Jonathan would get voted out, purely because I don’t think the audience get him. But he’s brilliant. His oh, so subtle interrogation of the twins was superb and someone has to buy him a pint for his comment to Charley after Seany got her posh boots wet. After going on and on about the fact that tehy cost £300, a dry Jonathan asked, “Sorry, how much are they? I didn’t hear you.” Hilarious. Please keep him in, he’ll drive all the thickos crazy.

I wanted Carol to go. I’m fed up of her crocodile tears and plotting against anyone who’s clever or pretty. Or has a personality that goes beyond next week’s heat cover. I can’t understand why she’s alied herself with Ziggy and Chanelle. Perhaps she thinks the public will like that kind of person, but if she thinks that, she’s been watching the wrong show.

Felt a twinge of sadness for Chanelle as she was publicly (and excruciatingly) dumped behind the sofa and then in the garden. But then I remembered that she’s an empty vessel and cheered up. Cackled even.

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