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You’re hired

June 14, 2007

What the feck? Sir Alan chose Simon to be his Apprentice? I must be in a weird dream where old millionaires give stupid doe-eyed mummy’s boys a six-figure job.

I just don’t understand it. Although Kristina’s building wasn’t exactly the most inspired or daring, Simon allowed Rory’s concept of three upside-down flaccid penises to become his winning idea. His presentation reeked of desperation, starting with some dancing girls as if to take the audiences’ attention away from the babbling rubbish he began spouting. Oh, and someone should tell Simon that good leaders motivate their teams through better ways than mere bribery. Using his wealth to win was poor.

On the after-show show on BBC2, even Sir Alan looked a tad shocked at his choice – perhaps he’s starting to regret it. Kristina was still obviously hurt and kept blinking back the tears. She didn’t need the patronising Sir Alan gave her, mentioning the fact that she’s done well to bring up hr son. Bollocks – she’s done well as a business woman in her own right and – sorry to jump on the feminist rant box for a bit – had she been a man with a child, Sir A would never have mentioned the bringing up of children as one of her strengths.

Glad he stuck it to Katie – she was let off rather lightly in her after-show show, so it was good to finally see her getting her just deserts. Kristina smugly said she ‘felt a wee bit sorry for the girl,’ while Sir A told her that she doesn’t need to be like that, and that he’d never employ someone like her.

So all in all, a bit of an anti-climax. But then, apart from the first series, I don’t believe the correct person for the job has ever got hired. Remember that blonde girl who got chosen over the Badger last year? I really don’t see what Sir A sees in him. Throughout the series, Simon has been cocky, clownish and a loser on many tasks (only escaping the boardroom because he’s Tre’s bitch). He’s too immature to be The Apprentice, plus I really don’t think he understands the value of money – anyone who can throw away a holiday in Barcelona in the blink of an eye doesn’t appreciate money. Simon will be a cock up. I’m sure of it. Kristina (serious, hard working, focussed and a winner on many occasions) would have worked her arse off for Sir A and would have done well. No wonder she was so tearful last night – to have been pipped to the post by your annoying younger brother must smart. But here’s hoping she goes on to bigger and better things.

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  1. Rich permalink
    June 14, 2007 5:06 pm

    I reckon it’s because he was getting flak for ‘hiring’ people with hard-luck stories, so she thought he’d give it to a public school boy with mega succesful parents.
    Kristina’s hardly a hard-luck story though, her dad was MD of Coca Cola in Ireland, wasn’t he?

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