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It’s a clown! It’s a clown!

June 12, 2007

Mr Badger and I have joke pet names for each other. We have the kind of ironic post-modern relationship whereby we add an EE sound to the end of our names in a mock lovey-dovey fashion. Which is why I absolutely refuse to call BB’s Sean, Seany. It’s just ridiculous. It’s as if he’s trying to get us to negate the fact that he’s an evil bastard because, hey, he’s got an EE at the end of his name. He can’t possibly be a swine, oh no.

I’m actually not quite sure what to make of him yet. I like his refreshing style (and I don’t think it’s put on at all) – loved Laura’s running back into the house last Friday screaming, “It’s a clown! It’s a clown!” At first, it seemed like he’d be a real spanner in the works when he pulled the duvet off Lesley’s bed (which was a nasty, horrible thing to do) but now I think he’s getting nicer. I loved the way he treated the interviewing task – totally taking the piss out of the interviewees whilst also revelling in his power.

Gerry isn’t my cuppa tea either. For all his many and varied qualifications, he’s just another token gay guy. He claims to want to change people’s opinions of gay men – they’re not all screeching, camp as a row of tents poofs you know. He said in a camp as a row of tents, slightly screeching poof-tastic way… No, he bores me, I’m afraid.

Short but sweet round-up:
> Loving Nicky more and more the less food they have in the house. Nagging people wont do her any favours in the house, but I’d love for her to just go, ‘Fuck it,’ and see how they survive for a few days.
> Charley is getting on my nerves with every passing hair flick and mouth pout and even Laura’s starting to grate on me.
> I hate to say it, but Shabnam (as eye-clawingly annoying as she is) does dome out with some comedy moments.
> I don’t believe the Channel/Ziggy love story for a second. That’s another thing that bores me to tears – I don’t want to see them canoodling, groping and slurping their way around the house for the next few weeks thanks very much. Channel adds bugger all to the house, so why don’t we get her out asap and let her have her obligatory heat interview and lad’s mag spread?

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