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Don’t blink…

June 11, 2007

How terrifying was Saturday’s Dr Who? Fecking very fecking terrifying that’s how fecking terrifying it was. Sorry for the profanities. I’m still a bit in shock.

My childhood home is just down the road from the local cemetery (indeed, it’s where JRR Tolkein is buried, fact fans) and every evening after school I’d have to walk past it. Whenever I got to that bit of the journey I’d speed up, stick my head down and sing “La la la!” to myself so I couldn’t hear any baddies (which, now I come to think of it wasn’t the best idea, because I wouldn’t be able to hear them coming at me). But I was always sure the statues in the cemetery were moving – always out of the corner of my eye – and Saturday’s Who really tapped into that fear.

Last week, a rather drunk Mr Badger ranted at me: “Fucking Dr Who,” he slurred “It’s so childish now. It’s shit,” thus missing the point. What I love about Dr Who is that it *is* a kids’ show and because it’s for kids, it can tap into all those childhood fears and create something truly terrifying. Scarecrows that are really scary, statues that move when you don’t look at them – it’s proper scared-of-the-dark, don’t-go-down-into-the-basement stuff. Okay, so we’ve also had those god-awful Rhino heads, and a few stupid flights of fancy – but it *is* a kids’ show and we’ve got to remember that. You get the odd fan-boy complaining that it’s not like it was in their day – no, it’s most probably better (looks-wise certainly) with a strong writing team, better budgets and a great cast.

Saturday’s featured that girl-what’s
-these-days Carey Mulligan as a kind of Nancy Drew for the Who generation. It had everything for a good thriller: creepy old houses, mystery, sexy policemen and obviously a bit of time travel thrown in for good measure. The episode didn’t feature the Doctor much and this totally added to the sense of foreboding and general discomfort – everything’s OK when the Doc’s around but when he’s not, there’s no one to save you.

Great writing, as usual from Mr Moffat (always good to see his name in the beginning credits) and I was genuinely scared. So scared in fact I had to leave the hall light on and every time I closed my eyes, I saw those nasty angels with their teeth bared… Great stuff.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 11, 2007 10:42 am

    It was great wasn’t it?!
    I think that actress is well cute. The episode was really well cast I thought. Music was great as usual.
    And what an ingenius plot!
    Those were the best baddies of the season by far. Some of the best baddies ever perhaps. Reminded me of the “Gentlemen” episode of Buffy. Classy.

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