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Heads will roll

June 6, 2007

Controversy-loving Channel 4 are due to air Diana: The Witness In The Tunnel tonight. I’m not bothered to be honest. I shall be watching The Apprentice instead – and I’m sure a great many people will be doing so too (maybe as a protest, maybe just because they’re hooked on one of the best serieseses so far). Bad scheduling CH4!

I’m not sure quite how I feel about CH4’s decision. I agree that it’s in the public’s interest (or maybe just Daily Express readers’) but I do think journos should have some kind of moral duty (even if those morals are slightly closer to the gutter than the average Joe) and as such, some gatekeeping/editting must be considered in these situations – especially as her family have come out with such a blatent statement of condemnation. Of course, as a public figure (like JFK) this isn’t just a case of “if this were your mother,” but the big girl in me can’t help but reember those two incredibly young kids, walking behind her coffin ten years ago. That part of me thinks they’ve gone through enough, and that maybe a line just might be being crossed somewhere.

CH4 might well be shooting themselves in the foot with this one, especially with the BB outrage still ringing in their ears. I bet William and Harry are wishing for the days when the monarchy’s word was law – I’m sure heads will roll at CH4 regardless when all this is over.

Anyway, back to The Apprentice. This ‘task’ is my favourite of the lot – who wouldn’t love to be a fly on the wall in any interview. I can’t wait to watch Katie squirm her way through, Tre get heated and Lohit (maybe, just maybe) finally showing some ruthlessness. Bring it on!

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