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Fight Day

June 6, 2007

Channel, I feel your pain. I too have a natural curl to my hair, and have had styles that require straightening or I end up looking like a German lesbian (er… not that that’s a bad thing, it just ain’t my style). But was there really any need to add to the 24-hour fight? Just wear a baseball cap, or put some clips in. Or wear this season’s must-have hair accessory, the hair band.

Last night’s BB was like watching Fight Night but for a whole day. First it was the eternal food fight (but without the jelly and bikinis, sadly), with Nicky (perhaps unfairly) blaming Laura for munching too much food – but it’s OK for Channel to eat a pork pie because “you can’t make a meal out of a pork pie.” Well these girls certainly did…

Next up, the inevitable bitch-fest that was the “put yourself in order of…” task. First up, intelligence and the house stupidly put Leslie up first. I’d have put Nicky first then maybe the twins (they’re playing this game to perfection). Next: looks, which was the best comedy moment in BB so far. Ever. Shabnam pronounced herself the third best looking and then got steadily relegated until she was next to Tracey at number 6. Hilarious. What the girls should have agreed with Ziggy that they’d put themselves in order of what *he* thought – not what they thought. Charley’s proclamation of “oh, this is so embarrassing, I’m at number one,” reminded me of that chocolate advert where what the girls really mean are in subtitles. Then on to the probably most contentious one of the task: consideration. This was the most tricky, as of course, all the housemates are just as inconsiderate as each other – they wouldn’t have put themselves in a house to be prodded, poked and literally laid bare to the nation if they were considerate.

Round three was the hair tongs debacle. Why someone doesn’t just bring in some GHDs as their luxury item I’ll never understand. Guys, you know you’re going into a house with bugger all in it. Maybe you should have had your hair done with that in mind before you went in, instead of styling yourself on someone who is possibly the most coiffured celebrity of her generation (maybe even ever). But I understood Channel’s upset. She was right – girls with long hair can put it in a ponytail or have it roughed up and it looks cool. But Channel only has one hairstyle. It matches her brain cell.

PS Glad Ziggy’s finally grown some balls and stood up to Emily before bed time, calling her a bitch. I’m sure what Emily meant to say was that she didn’t want her family and friends watching her get off with someone (which is a fair point), but it just came out all stuck up and snotty-nosed. But then, what can you expect from Emily?

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