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House of love…

May 30, 2007

Sorry for not posting anything for a while. I’ve been rather busy what with a full-time job an’ all and also had a rather mad weekend, roaming around the country in the rain.

I’ve just realised that BMTV has been going for just over a year now (first post was 17th May last year) and so it’s only fit to mark this occasion somehow *blows party blower*, let’s off balloon. Yay.

My first ever post was just before Big Brother 7 and so I think it’ll be nice to revisit the same topic (only with a slight tweak) to give a nice circular fashion to this blog. Plus it means I can more or less copy and paste my first post in here and no one will ever know (unless you’re bothered enough to go back and see for yourself).

So then. BB8 is almost upon us for yet another summer of reluctant addiction. I’ve not bothered protesting that I’m not going to watch it this year – there’s no point. As usual, I’ll start off determined not to watch then “well, I’ve got to watch the launch show, haven’t I? Got to see what freaks are in this year. Then that’s it.”

And from there it’s a downward spiral of shame and debauchery for me worthy of the infamous Jade Poker Night. Yes, BB-watching leaves me feeling dirty and used, but (like all of us these days, I’m assuming) I just can’t help myself.

Each year the makers claim that it’s different this time, but this year I’m almost sure it will be. For one, there are the repercussions from this year’s CBB to deal with. I think BB changed for a lot of viewers this year and the makers will be being watched. Closely. And I’m not just talkin’ webcams.

Next, there’s the fact that the way you can vote housemates out has changed. There’ll be no text vote (because apparently phone operators can’t process the vote in time – which kinda makes you think about all those votes cast in previous years, huh?) plus viewers who do call to vote will only pay half what they might have paid previously. Thanks Ch4! Not at all a desperate bid to get more people to vote, eh?

In a bid to lure this year’s BB away from the house of hate, the producers have taken steps to create a house of love (all together now: “One love, one life, everybody in the house of lurve!” No? No one? OK…). One ‘insider’ stated that they categorically asked potential housemates (in their ‘auditions’) if they’d be prepared to have sex on TV and only put thru those who said yes. Bit desperate, BB! And anyway, who really wants to see shrieking chavs having shrieking sex? Remember Makosi and that Geordi Twat? Wasn’t that embarrassing enough (her sex face will live with me forever *shudder*). Michelle and Stu, Jade and PJ… If I wanted to watch ugly people bumping uglies, I’d download some low-budget porn (because the high-budget porn has all the hotties in it, doncha know). I understand that they’re really trying to make amends for this January, but I think it’s best left as it is. Draw a line in the sand (or astro turf) and move on.

Apparently BB are pulling out all the stops this year to make it the most amazing one yet. Yadda yadda yadda. From bringing in housemates from last year who ‘didn’t shine’ to Colin’s boob-flashing sister (oh god no, please) I think we’re used to most stunts BB can come up with now. No, what BB needs is a back to basics policy. Sorry did I just come over all Tory on you there. Sorry. Won’t happen again…

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