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School Daze

May 15, 2007

Due to er… unforeseen circumstances (otherwise known as too many glasses of vino with the Lady Rachel) I came home later than expected last night and therefore had to watch Enders on video (well, I say video, it was actually DVD but you know what I mean). This meant that I only managed to catch the last half of Cutting Edge: Mind Your F-ing Language.

I was a bit of a naughty girl at my school (I like to think it’s because I was far too bright and got frustrated) and once got suspended for calling my German teacher a wanker. To be fair, I actually didn’t call him a wanker. He had kept me in past the end of school without clearing it with my mum first and the rule was that if you wanted to keep a child after school, you had to send a letter home and then carry out the detention the day after. I reminded him of this but the little Nazi still barred my exit (which I’m sure isn’t allowed). I said, “Come on sir, don’t be such a wanker,” thus implying that he was acting like one. Not that he was one. I think you’ll agree, there’s a stark difference there.

Anyway, because I was in the middle of my mock GCSEs, they couldn’t send me home, so when there wasn’t an exam, I was to spend my time sitting in the hall doing work. It was pretty good actually. I didn’t have to worry about the bitches in my class, and there was no one calling on me top answer ridiculous questions. I quite enjoyed the class-size-of-one approach and maybe that’s why I ended up doing my A Levels at a college where the maximum number of kids to a class was eight…

I found it fascinating that the deputy head of one featured school thought it acceptable to not exclude a child for swearing at a teacher. If you have no respect in your school, then there’s no hope. If I got suspended for (not) calling a teacher a wanker, then I would have hoped that something similar would be the case these days. Maybe if it were, we might be in different situations regarding our young people.

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  1. May 15, 2007 4:16 pm

    Yeah! You tell ’em, granny! In MY day…

    No, but seeeriously, I agree, that head was as wishy-washy as… um… water? And the whole programme itself was a bit of a damp squib. Children swear at school shock! Children don’t actually know what the words mean, they just do it because everyone else does shock!

    Funny how “bastard” came out top in their “Worst swear word” list though, even ahead of c – er, something else.

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