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Mad for Mark

May 1, 2007

Up to episode 18 of Ugly Betty now (hey there was bugger all on last night, OK?) Yes I know I said I was bored with it, but one of the only things keeping me interest is the fabulous Mark (and his relationship with the vapid but vulnerable Amanda). For two characters who are meant to be shallow and superficial, they are actually the characters with the most depth, the most issues and who are the most interesting and entertaining. And they’re great character actors. Sure, it doesn’t take a huge amount of talent when the writers are so great at writing for these two, but it *does* take talent to be able to juggle comedy and drama and do them both so well (sometimes within a heartbeat).

Last night saw Mark coming out to his mother in one of the most tear-jerking scenes – actually the first tear jerking scene – I’ve watched in UB so far. You can stuff your Pappy’s heart problems and your sister’s ex issues. It’s Mark and his silly little quiff all the way for me. Plus, he’s a bit of a hottie too, which always helps.

It’s funny that the characters who have the potential to be more meaningful because they have huge issues to deal with (Betty and her family, Mrs Mead, Alex(is)) are actually really dull. Betty is really starting to grate on me too. With every passing episode she becomes more shrill, more judgemental and more high and mighty.

Let’s have a Mark/Amanda spin off please!

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  1. Clair permalink
    May 3, 2007 3:20 pm

    I can take or leave U.B., frankly. I find it, strangely for the ladies, an utterly tottyless show, as the actor who plays Daniel Mead looks about 47, but isn’t. Yankee telly totty? Bring back Nate from Six Feet Under. Yum.

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