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April 30, 2007

A busy weekend for goggle boxing (my fave sport). But not so much of the traditional telly variety. First up we’re about four episodes from the end of Lost season three, and lord knows how they’re going to tie everything up by then. But of course they won’t. That’s the point and no one’s expecting them to. But from the podcasts, we *will* know where the pipe/string thing goes or what’s up with it at least (so those foretelling a “what’s on the end of the pipe/string” cliff hanger will be disappointed). Heroes is also still amazing. Still loving the format and **spoiler warning** glad Pete’s not dead after all (knew he’d be OK. Honest)

Regular readers will know that I like a good fest. I had a 24-fest for seasons 1 and 2, we had a mini Lost-fest a while ago and my most recent (if disappointing) fest was Ugly Betty. This weekend Mr Badger and I had a film-fest: The Fountain, The Departed and Déjà vu all in 24hours.

The Fountain is just stunning, and while I might not have ‘got’ the concept and been a little lost in parts (my mind is small and limited to trips to Topshop, so forgive me if I can’t understand a man floating around the universe in a bubble with only a tree that (I think) used to be his girlfriend for company) it was a great story, very moving and stunningly done by all parts. I can’t imagine anyone but Hugh Jackman in that role (it was apparently meant to be Bradders. Ha!) He’s a great actor. Subtle and restrained and totally underestimated thanks to his X-Men role. Ah well.

The Departed is kick ass. Totty a plenty if you like that kind of thing, but it’s also more than that. Yes there’s blood and killing, and beatings and swearing. But it’s gripping, emotional and funny. It hints at father/son relationships and also mixes with the realities of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Oh, and Leonardo di Caprio got robbed. Yes, he might have pissed me off by doing lots of shite, but if he carries on picking his films more intelligently and displaying such range, then he might just get back in my good books. Got that, Leo?
>> One question: what was in the envelope?! Mr Badger and I were left screaming this at the closing credits. I assume it was something the girly gave to Mark Wahlberg so he knew Matt Damon was the baddie. But can’t be sure. Anyone??

Déjà vu was the weakest of the lot, but it’s still a good watch. You know? Sunday evening, lazing of the sofa, explosions, Densel and a bit of time travel thrown in for good measure. Aside from the improbability of somehow having a time machine in the present day, this was rather pleasurable and (I think) obeyed all the traditional laws of time travel – they even explain it to you with a nifty diagram). With a cast of “Ooh, look! It’s him off Seymour Hoffman looky-likey” and “Ooooh, it’s that weirdo off Friends”* and a very chubby (but still gorgeous) Val Kilmer.
>> One thing that bugged: at the end, when Claire quoted ‘future’ Densel to ‘past’ Denzel, why did he go, “NO!” as if he knew what had happened? Because as far as ‘past’ Denzel knew, nothing had happened. Oh, and it was a shame they didn’t do something cool with that earring of hers he picked up. But hey. Maybe they’re saving it for the inevitable sequel.

Jolly good to watch three good-quality films. Usually, when we watch so many films in such a short space of time, at least one is disappointing. The Fountain was my fave, just because it’s stunning and tear-jering (but not in a girly way) and deals with rather uncomfy issues for me. I’d say Deja Vu is the weakest of the lot (although it’s still good, you know?) It’s time Denzel broke out of his eay ride of playing cops saving the world and pulling a fit woman in the process.

Gutted I missed the Fat’s Man’s Warning on TV. Might see if I can catch it somewhere else and report back. It looked great – kudos to the fat man.

*Elden Henson and Adam Goldberg – one point for each, well done.

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  1. swineshead permalink
    April 30, 2007 11:33 am

    Fat Man’s Warning was much better than I expected. I watched in horror as he explored fattest-town-in-britain, Boston – the place of my birth and the same place I attended college…


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