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What a waste of an hour…

April 26, 2007

If you were as unfortunate as I to catch Life Line on Tuesday evening you’ll too be as frustrated as I was to have wasted an hour of my life. An hour. Think of what you could do in an hour… Probably write something better for starters.

The premise of this god-awful two-parter was two old lovers (Ray Stevenson and some bint) get back together again and then she gets hit by a car and dies. Days later he gets handed a mysterious card for a phone line claiming to help bereaved people, but there’s something (not that) mysterious and (not that) strange about it. Could he be talking to the dead? Could he get back in touch with his soul mate? Do we care?

Not really. I couldn’t invest any kind of emotional attachment or sympathy with these two characters. We’re meant to believe that they were soul mates having only broken up in the first place because of some stupid work-related reason. But within minutes of meeting up again, they’ve jumped into bed together – clearly not exactly a relationship based a meeting of minds. She was a cold fish, he was robotic and stilted and it was all very embarrassing.

Things didn’t get any better when we meet Maddy off Hollyoaks and Jemima Roper (off As If). These two actors always give me my cue to flick over as oit seems they’ll do any old dross (with the exception of the first few series of As If and Hex – I hear it’s good, haven’t seen it. Call me a hypocrite, I don’t care).

It’s all very predictable and ridiculous. No one’s wanting any kind of realism – hey, it’s a supernatural drama for gawd’s sake, but there could at least be something edgy about it (and I’m not just talking about a sex scene between Stevenson and Roper, which was a bit gross to watch as she looks about 12 so it was bordering on paedophilia). But hey, they got a cheeky nipple shot in (hers sadly), so what do we care?

A great deal actually! This could have so much potential. It could be edgy and dark and scary. But no. It’s just another painting-by-numbers from the Beeb.

Of course, I’m writing this before the concluding episode tonight and I’m told there’s a huge plot twist, so for all I know it could actually turn out good. Yeah, and I’m also writing this from beyond the grave. Thankfully, work-related loyalties mean I’m going to have to miss this flat piece of time wasting that is trying to be edgy by discussing the after life. Hey, at least they got one thing right with it – it’s certainly life less.

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