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April 11, 2007

Did anyone get the feeling they were in the middle of an audition for Grease Is The Word (or whatever they’re calling it) while watching Monday’s Eastenders? First we had Bradley’s dramatic tale of his and Janet’s space travel, which wouldn’t have been out of place at the hammiest of stage schools. “Go get ‘em, Bradley,” I thought as I watched, cringing behind a cushion, “Act your socks off for Britain – you’ll always be ‘the ginger geek of Enders’.”

Cut to the next scene with Bradders and he’s an all singing all dancing (well, kind of) cabaret artist. I half expected the next scene to feature a be-tuxed Bradley with top hat and cane schmoozing himself down a glittering stair case (sideways of course) followed by a tap dance to rival Michael Flatley.

But no. He just gave Janet too much choccy. Naughty Bradders. And he thinks just because he can spend an afternoon with a baby (a baby who’s locked in her wheelchair no less) and no get bored, or kill her he should go into childcare. Hmm. He should stick to acting.

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