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"Your spaceship is made of wood…"

March 31, 2007

Like many others last year I sat soggy-faced and mourned the loss of Rose Tyler. Like many others I bitterly watched while Freema Agyeman (who was quite frankly terrible in the Cyberman episode) was cast as the new companion. I might have promised myself I’d give her a fair viewing, but I have to admit I even booed her name as it came up on the credits just over an hour ago.

But you know what? She wasn’t that bad. She wasn’t annoying she acted OK and her reaction to the TARDIS was hilarious. She’s sexy, sassy and I think a great antidote to Rose – like the Doc said, she’s not a replacement.

The episode itself was a bit hot and cold – at times I thought we were in a New Rocks advert. The Rhino-aliens were a bit wank. They looked like they’d come straight out of that god-awful Ninja Turtles movie. But then we did have a scary old lady™ and some great seeds sown.

So all in all, a good start. Here’s to many a Saturday parked under the duvet on the sofa at 7pm.

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