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Water, water everywhere

March 29, 2007

Another day and another Daily Mail rant I’m afraid (maybe I should find a job with them…? Perish the thought). On GMTV this morning they featured a mum who has taken her five-year-old son out of school because they won’t give him the drink he likes and insist he drinks water. They allow children a drink of their choice at lunch times but at all other times they must drink water.

When I was at school we had a bit of milk in the morning and then water with our lunches (unless we had a packed lunch in which case we had what we were given by our mums). I’m astounded that schools even go as far as giving them a drink of their choice at lunch – these are five-year-old children, what do they know what they like and what they want – and more importantly, what they need?

The mother says she has to “respect my son’s rights,” HE’S FIVE FOR GAWD’S SAKE! She also mentioned that she has to do what’s right for her son’s health. Ha! Water is the best thing for his health and by taking him out of school she’s not only teaching him to disrespect the system but she’s also confirming his notion that water is bad.
Her other argument was that, if she forced her child to drink water, she’d be done for child abuse. Sorry love, but what you’re doing to him right now borders on that…

Here’s betting that in ten years time (or less) he’s an obese tear-away who leaves schoool with bugger all qualifications and a healthy disrespect for authority. In fact, let’s do a sweepstake of how old he’ll be when he gets his first ASBO shall we? I’m thinking nine…

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