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A black day for Blue Peter

March 14, 2007

Clean as a whistle, whiter than a virgin’s underwear, Blue Peter has now come under fire after faking a competition. To me, this spells the end of all goodness in the world. You can take your Al Qaeda, your 911s and your nuclear arms – the day that Blue Peter faked a competition is the day the word turned dark.

Apparently there was a ‘technical hitch’ (so many of them happening at the moment, eh?” and “in a panic” the person involved grabbed a child off the street and got them to pretend to be a caller. The child went home with a prize selected on the show, but callers got suspicious and complained. Apparently, the programme-makers have apologised to the child involved (and her parents) although quite why they felt the need to apologise to a kid who was guaranteed a prize I don’t know…

No one is to be sacked and quite rightly. In reality, said person was probably an over-worked, under-paid junior member of the team who was so afraid that if they didn’t sort it out they’d be replaced by the millions of other young things desperate to fill their shoes that they did the only logical thing – they found a kid to give the prize to. You can kind of understand their thinking…

I remember the days when Blue Peter encouraged us to collect cans of pop for recycling. These days, of course, they’d most likely be sued for encouraging children to drink such junk…

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  1. Rich permalink
    March 15, 2007 4:36 pm

    Should I feel wrong for fancying Zoe Salmon? I think it’s the way she says ‘appeal’, that I find,er, appealing.

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