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It weren’t like that in my day

March 1, 2007

I am not at all happy with the new Hollyoaks theme. Not only is it tacky and a bit 90s and only shows the younger, sexy members of the cast (and thus portraying the series in a fake light in my opinion – there are loads of great older characters: Mmmmm, Mike Barnes), but it also (more importantly) they show the series for what it is: a yoof program. Let the rose tinted specs fall.

How can I watch it now with those titles and not feel even slightly embarrassed eh? Before, it was bearable as it was more or less the same as it was when the series started (so I could pretend that I was a youngun still), but now it’s as if the titles are mocking me – “You really shouldn’t be watching this Madge,” they patronise, “You’re far too old and crinkly. Why not turn over and watch the news or wait a while and stick on Emmerdale or Midsomer Murders, that’s more your thing. Look at these fresh, glowing nubiles. See how they strut without having to worry about their arse wobbling behind them. No… this really isn’t for you. You. Old. Loser.”

And what’s with the new logo? Changing a brand is always dangerous. But what are they saying with this new one? That Hollyoaks is sexual? That’s it’s for both men and women? Well, duh, I think we got that from the overly sexualised titles that are full of men and women! I much preferred the old logo that (if memory serves – how quickly we forget!) had an oak tree in it, thus linking the brand with the name of where it’s set. As if the titles weren’t embarrassing enough to watch, it’s made far worse with that god-awful logo at the end. The full stop in the tirade of youthful abuse that’s hurled at me…

Maybe I can time it so I turn on after the titles have gone so I can pretend it’s back ot the good old days (see? I *am* old!). But then how would I work the same plan on the end titles, without missing the always vital last few seconds of action they always throw in?

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  1. Swineshead permalink
    March 1, 2007 3:56 pm

    Tony’s still in Hollyoaks?! He’s the Ken Barlow of Chester.

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