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A Mars a day…

February 28, 2007

Not being the most cutting-edge of people (no really!) I sat down to watch my second ever episode of Life On Mars last night. It was the first episode of the first series – how’s that for time bending eh? But no, I’m not a time traveller, nor am I in a coma (but I might just be mad…), I had just watched the series in a back-to-front kind of a way, only just catching it in its last episode of the first series. Doh!

It was so long ago, though (and my memory ain’t what it was) that I can’t quite remember the huge big twisty thing that happened at the end of the series (the bit that explained all the flashes in the woods etc) but I know it has something to do with the WPC and him as a child. I think…

Anyway, all jolly good stuff except I’m not sure how I’d’ve thought of it had I not a) seen the final ep – which was kick ass b) Had everyone I know telling me how kick ass it is. The first ep is a bit… silly, really, if you stop and think about it. Anyway, I persevered through to the second ep and that was much better – loving the two leads’ relationship, great stuff there. And if only you *could* solve work issues with a good old smack, eh folks?

It’s rather annoying really. I really wanted to dislike it. It’s like when everyone started liking Lily Allen, it made me hate her even more. And I’m really not one for ‘cop shows’. But as you all know, this isn’t just a cop show. Silly me. It’s not as if I need another mind-bending, time-stretching warp-my-head-a-thon. I have Lost for that, dammit. Mind you, if last week’s ep (the self indulgent Jack’s tattoos episode) is anything to go by, then could this overtake Lost in my affections? Sadly, probably not. Sorry to be a total shallow girly but: John Sim on one hand, Sawyer on the other… I rest my case. But that’s not to say that I don’t lurve LOM. Just that I doubt I’ll become as obsessed with it as Lost…

Badger Madge’s Mars questions so far:
> If he is a time traveler, how come his warrant card is that of a DI? Where did he get that from, who gave it to him? Who is in charge?
> Likewise, if he traveled back in time, surely he’d’ve kept the same clothes? Where did he get those retro threads? Hmmm?
> That WPC’s ‘ex’. Sorry, but I just didn’t buy that bit at all. A) How did he get in the police station, b) why would he have pretended to be a hypnotist – if she had told him all about the situation, then that suggests that she trusts him enough for him not to then go and ‘play a trick’ on John Sim… I just didn’t get it…
> Were police operations really that bad back in the 70s? Surely not in Manchester especially… Out in the sticks maybe, but not in a city??
> Anyone else think the barman is a bit like Al in *that* episode of Quantum Leap?
> Also, the guy Simm’s character replaced/stole the job of (mustached blokie) seems a bit dodgy to me. One to keep an eye on, methinks…

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  1. Rhian permalink
    March 1, 2007 6:45 am

    Politically speaking 1973 is a pretty pivotal time for the police – not long before the Guildford 4 etc when the public found out for the first time just how corrupt the police could be, and it all started to change. On a really obvious note, one of the scariest things about the series is how they treat the WPC – 1973 is several years before the Sexual Discrimination Act so it’s completely legal to treat women as second class. And it’s really not that long ago…

    Okay serious bit over. Yay for you getting into Life on Mars, it’s brilliant! 🙂

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