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Daddy, or chips?

February 26, 2007

For the first time, I realised what that girl in the ad really meant. Last night I had to choose between duty and a tasty fun treat: Lewis, or Recovery (Sunday BBC1, 9pm) with the lovely David Tennant. I weighed it up, and decided that three hours of anything is far too much to watch on a weeknight, so videoed Recovery and watched Lewis.

Well, I reckon I should have chosen ‘chips’ after all. It would have been (by all accounts) more satisfying. I hate to say it, but I wasn’t thrilled with Lewis this week. While it was fab to see the new prison complex on screen (they’ve been building it for years and it’s a great place to go for tasty treats etc) the script was dire, the young actors delivery terrible, and there were just far too many Geordies. This is Lewis, not The Likely Lads. I realise they had to make the writer a professional Geordie in order for him to grate even more with Lewis, but why make the actress playing his wife put on that god-awful accent? She could have been English – they could have met elsewhere…

Also, I very much doubt an Oxford student would be so thick as to a) get involved in a murder plot to begin with and b) make it so obvious that they were the murderer. Come on guys, we saw it coming a mile off.

Anyway. I am very much looking forward to watching Recovery this week. Will let you know my thoughts then…

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