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Too many bad guys spoil the plot…

February 22, 2007

The makers of this season of 24 must be playing some sort of ‘how many baddies we can have in a series’ game. And I must say, I’m getting mighty confused.

Back in the good old days, it was easy to figure out what was going on. One terrorist versus Jack. Now it’s Terrorist Fayed, Him Off Sex And The City, his aid (who’s now kind of above him thanks to some kind of weird role reversal involving a plot to kill Buffy’s head teacher), Jack’s brother (Dr Romano off ER as I call him), Jack’s dad, The Russian Gredenko and now bloody Logan has joined in on the evilness…

God dammit I just can’t take it anymore! One evil twisted mastermind is enough, people! I’ve got enough brain whirring going on trying to figure out what the feck is going on in Lost I don’t need any more.

But which baddie is the baddest?
Fayed: An evil terrorist set on blowing up America.
Him Off Sex And The City: Got that nice lady fired, involved in a plot to kill Buffy’s Headmaster, but then went back on it, so not so bad after all.
His Aid: Trying to kill Buffy’s Headmaster for some reason…
Jack’s Brother/Dr Romano: Tried to kill Jack and had him sent to a Chinese jail (makes fights with my brother when we were younger look like a little cuddle)
Jack’s Dad: Tried to kill Jack numerous times, had Jack sent to a Chinese jail, killed Dr Romano (who’s his son), threatened to kill his grandson (who we all know is Jack’s son – come on, just admit it!), involved in some shady business I can’t really understand. You know. Being a woman and all…
The Russian Gredenko: Trying to start another cold war type fiasco and blame it on the Muslims.
Logan: Wasn’t really watching series five that closely, but he was involved with terrorists, right? That was the whole point yeah?

So, I reckon the end of level boss baddie right now is Jack’s dad. Oh, what a kad.

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