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They fuck you up, your mum and dad…

February 19, 2007

Another week, another programme documenting insane people who can’t raise their children properly. And that’s a bit of an understatement. Wild Child – The Story of Feral Children (Ch 4, Sunday 18th, 9pm) told the story of several children who had been stifled of all human contact and had turned feral.

It was heartbreaking to watch one little girl (Genie) whose mother and brother had been ordered (by her father) not to speak, look or even touch her, and was kept in a make-shift cage by night, and chained to a potty by day. Disgusting. Another little girl (Oxana), whose parents were alcoholics, was left to be brought up by the family dog.

The whole thing left me angry at such selfishness, such egoism that consumed in their own selves and whatever neurosis they were suffering from, that they couldn’t look into the eyes of their own child and see what damage they were inflicting. Obviously all the children’s parents were mentally unstable, but how ill must you be to chain your offspring to a potty, or leave it to find companionship in a pack of local stray dogs?

What was even more shocking is that apparently, a lot of feral children want to meet their parents and have relationships with them. I suppose they have lost that human ability to hold a grudge and (as one scientist explained) they just want the parental love they never had. Oxana’s reunion with her father and half sister was heartbreaking. Clearly mentally retarded, Oxana gabbled away at her father, telling him how she milks the cows but not the bulls as they scare her. Very telling.

After escaping from her husband’s influence, Genie’s mother first allowed scientists to see if she could learn to be human again. But after they got too close, she sent Genie into care (which even I know is the worst place for her!) and forbade the scientists (who she had grown to care for) to see her again…

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