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Suburban warrior

February 15, 2007

Fear not, BMTV fans, I have not abandoned this record of goggle-box frustration, I have merely been on holiday for the last week or so in the deepst darkest corners of Oxfordshire (oh, OK, actually it was the leafy suburbs of Summertown actually, but I’ve got my street cred to protect).

Uber busy on my return to work (nothing changes there then) so here’s a quick run-down of some of what I watched while I was away (I’m sure I’ve forgotten most of it and don’t have an old TV guide to aid my memory).

> Watching the repeat on Sunday, I didn’t really give this a fair chance, I feel. Long story, short, I fell down some stone steps on the Saturday (I was *not* drunk, no matter what my mother says) and bashed my shoulder rather badly, so spent most of Sunday in bed resting (and rubbing in copious amounts of Deep Heat). Thus, I fell asleep half way through Primeval, a result I think of my body telling me it needed to shut down to heal me, and not because it was utter shite.
> At first glance, it seems a bit kiddie what with there being a different dino each week. It’s like Torchwood for kids, which I think is hilarious if you think about it…
> Loving: Well helloooooo sexy lab technician! I’ve been trying to resist the urge to make crass jokes about him fiddling around with my test tubes and all that, but i’ts got to be said (sorry mum). Hannah-Off-SClub is rather cute and am loving her pixie-esque hair do.
> Hating: The geeky student – almost as annoyingly stereotypical as the Welsh student off Hollyoaks.

Oh, oh! Lost is back, Lost is back *does a little Lost is back dance* – a prize for the best description of what this dance might actually be…
I have theories. But I shalln’t commit them to bloggage to save those who’ve yet to witness the wondrousness of Lost 3.07…

But: for those who *have* here’s a little something…

Becca, noooooo!
Jess and Kris, noooooooo!
Evil Will, noooooooo!
Etc etc…

Getting very dull now. Not sure how much more I can take. Don’t really care where Kevin – Parklife – Watts has gone; don’t really care that Devil-Child Ben hates Devil-Woman Stella (who I’ve just realised has the perfect name for recovering alcoholic, Phil); don’t really care about the whole Dawn, May, Rob fiasco… The only thing I think has great potential is the Stacey, Max, Bradley triangle which is set to be one helluvan explosion when that cookie crumbles (yes, I’ve mixed my metaphors again, I know. I’m excited, OK?)

So, hopefully normal service will be resumed from now on, although I’ve got a busy few weeks coming up so there might be another barren wasteland of bloggage here after all. My apologies if indeed, this does occur.

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