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Bullying the bully

January 30, 2007

Watching Jo on GMTV this morning I was pretty upset for her to be honest. No one deserves to be bullied and she’s now experiencing what it’s like to be bullied, not just by three people in the confines of a house in Elstree, but by the media and the general public. Surely something that’s pretty nasty to go through. She was clearly very distressed, rocking and crying, and I do feel sorry that she’s got herself into this situation when all she wanted was to forge a new career and pay off her debts.

But it’s very difficult to totally forgive the girl when I’ve not actually heard the word ‘sorry’ come tumbling out of her mouth – and not just that she’s sorry IF she offended anyone. She obviously doesn’t think she’s done much wrong: she excuses herself by saying that she was misrepresented and edited unfairly. But you can’t edit someone saying such awful things. Okay, so she didn’t sit around in her dressing gown *all* day – but Jo, we don’t hate you for that (some 0of us would actually admire you for it!). No we dislike your attitude your language and the way you choose to act. No one can edit you telling Jade that her yelling at Shilpa, “really made my day,” and for someone who was bullied at school “for my love of music” you should really know better.

The Sunday papers were screaming with her defiance: “I’m NOT sorry and I’d do it AGAIN” spat the Sunday Mirror. Inside, Jo is quoted with, “Indians should be grateful I said they’re all skinny. I think we’d all love to be thin.” Jo says she was misquoted. But it doesn’t take much to say sorry and express your regret as Jade and Danielle have (for whatever dubious reasons). By excusing her actions and not directly saying sorry, Jo is only making matters worse for herself. Her parents are devastated (most probably with her actions) and she can’t go home because she’s “got defrets” – sounds like you need some cream for that, dear…

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