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Bullying vs Shilpa’s career

January 29, 2007

Yes, it was rather obvious that Shilpa would win ‘C’BB, having been favourite to win almost as soon as Jade opened her maff about the Oxo cubes. And I’m glad she won. But I’m a tad disappointed at her reaction to what had been going on the outside world. Not least because for a good two weeks I’d been waiting for some Shilpa fireworks (and I’m not talking the finale spark-fest). But, no, she’s far too much of a lady to be outwardly angry about it, but she did seem a little shocked and hurt. I’m also upset at her reaction because a) it seemed very fake to me. It seemed as if she had realised that it may reflect badly on her and her career and b) if I were Asian and I’d been angry at Jade et al’s comments, I’d be pretty annoyed that Shilpa was trying her damndest to brush it all under the carpet for her own (I think) selfish reasons.

But saying all that, although at the time I wanted Jermaine to win, I suppose he actually did very little as far as house action. He could have settled to whole Shilpa/Witches thing before it manifested and he was actually very dull to be fair. Nice. But dull.

It’s amazing how, many of the housemates felt that it wasn’t their placer to say anything about the bullying at the time. I suspect the real reasons were because they feared turning the bullies on themselves…

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