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24 in implausible plot shocker

January 29, 2007

Finished watching the first few episodes of the new season of 24 the other day and I have to say, whilst I was initially swept along by the ‘Jack’s back’ malarkey I have a feeling there might be sharks being jumped somewhat with this series. Hate to do a u-turn but have just read this exceedingly interesting little ditty about the current series, which has taken away those rose-coloured sunnies a tad.

But while I can totally see the esteemed Mr Brooker’s point about Jack’s penchant for torture, we’ve got to remember that he’s a damaged soul and has most probably known only violence since his stay in a Chinese jail. His wife died, his relationship with his daughter fell apart, his next girlies left him for some loser… Chloe fancies him…

Yes, I agree, it does seem totally implausible that Wayne Palmer is now Mr President (hey, he’s gone from Buffy’s principal to Jack’s president in four years, fair play to him) – but I’d rather have the be-goateed one looking at his WWDD (What Would David Do) wrist band, taking advice from that geeky one out of Sex and the City than that god-awful excuse of a baddie Charles Logan. I imagine that, after the Logan’s evil rein, the American public panic-voted for someone who shares a gene pool with their dearly departed David…

But I agree with his propaganda point. I always thought past series have concentrated on America’s rather gung ho approach to the issue of terror in a rather negative light (see the rein of the Logan), but I suppose times (and opinions) change… And anyway, Logan was a baddie and was actively trying to do bad. Whereas… er… the current pres is er… Actually, scrap that last point.

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