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The busiest tube line in London…

January 24, 2007

Who knew that Walford tube station was that busy, eh? They’ve got trains every two minutes or so if last night’s episode with Martin, Phil and devil child that is Ben is anything to go by.

Jeez, with that regularity you’d think there must be some major attraction that pulls people there. There’s ‘The Club’ of course (what *is* it called these days?), oh and the Vic… Er… Or maybe because Preeti is such a good beautician (remember she poached a load of customers from Tina) obviously network rail decided to up the frequency of tube trains to Walford East. (Incidentally, what goes on in Walford West? Maybe it’s a really peaceful boring place where no one ever gets murdered or kidnapped and married couples stay together forever. Oh and the children are all really good actors.).

Also last night saw possibly the worst continuity error so far. Monday’s Enders: Phil kicks down Martin’s door and it’s clearly seen ripped off at least one of its hinges. Tuesday’s Enders: Martin and Ian open the door and it’s fine. Now, seeing as these scenes are meant to take place over one day, I’d say that’s damned efficient of the locksmith. Maybe that’s what draws people to Walford East…

PS: I know he’s just lost his mum and all that, but what *is* Martin doing for money? Surely bills must be paid for and food must be bought. Okay, so Ian’s been bringing round a hot pot or two, but I think Martin’d need a bit of money for a few bits and bobs… Ian can’t be paying for everything, surely…

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