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Phones not for you…

January 18, 2007

Another chapter in the ‘C’BB story. Carphone Warehouse have withdrawn their sponsorship of the show with immediate effect, hitting BB where it hurts. Surely they’ve got to do something now.

After I posted my thoughts yesterday I tried to play devil’s advocate a bit. And this is what I came up with:

> For me and many other viewers, BB was a social experiment. An extreme form of people-watching if you will. So for purely scientific reasons, it’s an interesting scenario (albeit a very painful one for those involved).
> To be fair, by not intervening, BB are letting Jade and co dig their own graves – already Closer are threatening to drop Jade’s column.
> Shilpa’s career in the UK is set to soar, so she’ll win out doubly in the end.

I still think BB should punish the bullies and I’m upset that it looks like the public will have to pay to evict Jade this Friday, but at least she’ll (hopefully) get booed by the crowd and then a good grilling from Davina (although, if her interview with bully Siezer is anything to go by, Jade will get off scott free there).

So I suppose, like Cleo (Come on Cleo, I know you don’t like conflict, but grow some balls, speak up and win the show!), I’m doing a bit on fence sitting here. It’s wrong for them to not punish the bullies, but I can kind of understand the possible reasons. Interesting times for BB, the show that apparently brings Ch4 its biggest revenue. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens from here.

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