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Stop this bullying now, BB!

January 17, 2007

I’ve not blogged about the bullying in ‘C’BB so far this series partly because I’m desperate for this not to turn into a ‘C’BB blog (again) and also because what else is there to say?! This is the way I see it: There are BB bullies every year. It’s more or less expected and I suppose when you get a group of people together in a confined space and take away their comforts then it’s bound to happen (especially when you add in the competitive element). But there is no excuse for racism and that is what is happening to Shilpa.

If she was white, I’m sure the girls would get on with Shilpa just fine. After all, what has she actually done to them? Okay, she might come across as a little bit smug and self satisfied, (and I’m sure some people could even interpret her actions as manipulative – but then if I was being bullied like that, I’d try and get everyone else on my side too!) but she’s from a different culture, a different social class and she’s also a bit older than Jo, Jade and Danielle.

They don’t treat Cleo the way they treat Shilpa, so why the hatred against her. The only thing I can think of is her colour and culture. Oh and that she has beauty and they do not (even Danielle, who is pretty at best). I think the girls subconsciously know the way they’re treating Shilpa is wrong – Jade’s nightmare about Shilpa and her family beating her up proves that. And Jo had a panic attack last night after another run-in with Shilpa…

I’m surprised BB haven’t done anything yet. After all they’ve had from Jackiey’s eviction (when she called Shilpa ‘the Indian’) to now to do something, or apologise for any upset caused by the broadcast. They say that Shilpa hasn’t expressed upset over the racist remarks, but maybe that’s because she’s too scared to for fear of another lynch attack inside the house. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to be hated by the viewers – she knows how popular Jade is in the UK (not any more though, eh?!) so maybe she thinks that if she complains she’ll be despised across the nation. Either way, it’s high time that someone from the production team either takes the terrible three aside and has a strong word, or evicts them all. Or maybe with any luck, Shilpa will be nominated this week and we can vote her out to save her from any more distress.

Obviously there’s the factor of ratings here – BB was on both BBC and ITV main news bulletins last night, but surely BB can have controversy and be seen to be doing the right thing? Surely there isn’t someone in there going, “We’ll just wait until the racist bullying gets bad enough to get us on the news and then we’ll act.” I bloody hope not… I’m a tad disappointed becuase I’m sure a lot of the producers were bullied at school (us creative types are always picked on) so I don’t see how they can create this situation, let alone turn a blind eye.

I’m also upset that no one in the house seems to be willing to wad in and stop it. Even Jermaine who has noticed the colour issue and is probably the most respected housemate. Ian’s eternal motto is “I’m staying out of this,” which is just as bad as bullying if you ask me, and Cleo turns mute when any bitching happens (come on, girl! Don’t disappoint me!). I just wish someone whould have the balls to stand up to the three witches – it might even win them the game…

On another note – how obvious was Danielle’s ‘whoops, my dress has come off and I’m covered in slippery stuff’ stunt during last night’s food task? She even squeezed her boobs together for the boys. Oh and who’s betting it will be Shilpa who’s blamed for failing the task, even though Danielle took ages sorting out her boobs and Dirk signed his full name (including middle name)…? I’ve never seen anyone so obviously two-faced as Danielle and now I’m glad she was booed on her way into the house. First she calls Shilpa a dog and says she hates the way Shilpa always cooks for everyone, and then within ten minutes of that, she’s fawning over Shilpa, thanking her for cooking for them all the time. Okay, she was drunk, but then she repeated that again, sober. Last night, she calls Shilpa a bitch and then tells her she doesn’t want any weird feeling between them and says to “Come and hang out with us. Don’t be scared.” Scrutty btich.

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