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Just Jade twiddling her thumbs

January 15, 2007

They’re dropping like flies in the ‘C’BB house (where does that term come from? Anyone know?) I wonder if there’ll be any ‘celebs’ left by next week – surely BB should be injecting some replacements by now… Thinking back, it all seems to be Jade’s family that sparked the mass desertion. Donny left because he ‘wouldn’t wait on that moron and her family’ (or words to that effect), Uncle Ken left after a fight with Jade.

And Leo left because his own over-blown ego wouldn’t let him be a part of a ‘celebrity’ game with (what he saw as) non celebrities (nothing whatsoever to do with underpants – what made him take only enough in for a week anyway? Obviously there won’t be a washing machine so why didn’t he take in enough for three weeks? They don’t take up *that* much room…) What a tosser.

It’s as if Jackiey and co are one of those neighbours from hell who have moved in next door and are terrorising the neighbourhood with cars on bricks and a rusty caravan in the front garden. Of course, now that Jackiey has gone, Jade and Jack seem calmer (well, Jade’s calmer, I’m sure Jack is one of those shop dummies; his expression hasn’t changed since arrival and he doesn’t actually do anything but look pretty) and can hopefully get on with making some bonds in the house (or bitching about Shilpa behind her back… One or the other). Either that or on the final night, Davina will enter the house only to find Jade sitting on the sofa twiddling her thumbs. And there she shall be left until the end of time…

I was surprised that Jackiey was evicted though. Aside from the fact that her name is damned difficult to spell, I thought people would keep her in because she caused so much tension and action in the house. We don’t like it when they get on, now, do we folks? But I suppose even she was too annoying for some and she had to go.

Things that made me smile on ‘C’BB this week:
> Watching Jermaine teach and perform I Want U Back – aside from the hilarious afro wigs, it’s something I’ll never see again.
> Cleo wearing her diamond necklace and pyjamas to bed. I lurve that woman…

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