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More money than sense…

January 11, 2007

Admit it, we all love a good snoop around other people’s homes. That’s why Relocation, Relocation (and its many other guises) make great viewing (all this, ‘I’m watching it for house-buying tips’ is nonsense).

Sometimes – no, actually, most of the time – the show infuriates me. The people on the show have far too much money than sense and are (more often than not), a bit rah if you know what I mean. They usually give Kirsty and Phil a difficult time, fussing over light fittings or whether the garden is big enough for an Olympic swimming pool or something. Last night’s couple were no exception. They had loads of cash to spend (a whopping £600,000 for their country house alone) but very little idea of what they actually wanted.

They turned down three stunning houses – all different and all fitted in with the (terrible) spec they gave. But ‘something wasn’t right’ about any of them. When they turned down the first house they had me screaming at them. It was this gorgeous thatched cottagey housey thing with stone and wooden floors, beams and those large fireplaces you can actually walk into – it even had a swimming pool in its huge garden. I was sold on the beams, frankly and couldn’t understand why they could see its charms. But hey, I’m not a high-flying Londoner (I’m a high-flying er… Bathonian?)

In the end, though, they found an enormous Georgian mansion on the coast of Kent that left me drooling. Not only was it big enough for all of my family (including my four kind-of brothers and their girlfriends) but it was both cosy and grand at the same time, had stunning period features and beautiful sea views (and it even had a lift to the beach!)

It’s all a bit depressing, seeing as I can barely afford the rent for my one-bedroom flat! Maybe Kirsty and Phil can do a special series for those of us not quite on the property ladder with an uber small budget. Surely that would provide more drama in a will-they-won’t-they-find-something sense.

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  1. infinitemuppets permalink
    January 14, 2007 7:37 pm

    Nice blog. Needs more fucking swearing.

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