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You can’t argue with stupidity

January 8, 2007

Just some quickies ‘C’BB so far:

> Jackiey is annoying, but she does piss every off so will be saved I reckon.
> Housemates keep forgetting that Ken is 79 years old. Leave the poor man alone, give him your beds and stop yelling at him! Okay, he snores, but so do most people/men.
> Good on Jade for trying to get Jackiey to mediate things. Shame it failed.
> Quote of the week from Jermaine: “You can’t reason with supidity.” Ain’t that the truth…
> Leo is getting on my nerves. At first I thought he was sweet. But his reaction to Dirk (rather politely I thought) saying he talks too much was a bit diva IMO.
> I sooooo want Dirk and Cleo to get together. They’re both quite glamorous and I think they’re well suited.
> Please vote Carol out as soon as poss. I can’t stand her and she made Cleo cry with her stupid “I’m an interviewer” questions.

**News flash**
Jade’s grandparents have come for dinner?? Oh jesus christ, what is this, The Jade arsing Goody show? I’m thinking that BB has been waiting for an all-Goody BB for a long time but this is just over-kill. You know I’m a BB purist. This is ridiculous. Stop this and stop this now, please.

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