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Xmas highlights

January 8, 2007

Yes, I know we’re a whole week into 2007 already and Christmas seems but a dim and distant memory but I just thought I’d relive those Xmas TV memories while I can. Plus I’ve been watching far too much ‘Celeb’ Big Brother and don’t have much else to blog about.

Looking back through the Xmas telly guide, I can clearly see that Mr Badger and I were pretty faithful to the Beeb. On Xmas day itself, we more or less solely watched BBC1 only flicking over to Channel 4 once (yes, we highlighted the guide according to what we wanted to watch and what we were recording. Er… we even had symbols for each… It’s the only way to get through the Xmas season without a fight). So, time to buck up your ideas for next year, ITV et al…

And I’ve still got things recorded from the season to watch. Like the ‘excellent-looking’ Ruby in the Smoke featuring Billie and her ‘chipmunk chops’ (thanks Adam & Joe for that mirthsome description), that documentary about Saturday morning telly, and loads more that I’ve forgotten but will most probably find tonight underneath my This Life box set…

Anyway, just a note to say well done the Beeb for your excellent Xmas fayre (I know I give you a hard time sometimes with Enders and TW, but your effort this season has been noted).

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