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Torchwood vs Sarah Jane? No contest.

January 8, 2007

When I were a youngun there was this horrid old lady who lived on our road called Alice. She was about 85 and one of those nasty hunch-backed snarled old ladies who smelled of wee and terrorised the kids on the street. Back then, there was no such thing as paedophiles or hoodies, and so we’d happily play on the street until dinner time. But Alice didn’t like this. Oh no. It was like she made it her life’s mission to make our childhoods as miserable as possible. One time, she came over to yell at my dad because (get this) one of our cats had been *shock horror* Sitting On Her Fence. I know. Grab a seat if you want to; I’m not sure our family have quite got over the shame of it. My dad obviously told her to get herself off his property and slammed the door in her face. Go Dad! Poor Alice. To be fair, we gave as good as we got. She’s probably dead now…

Anyway, I’d’ve gladly swapped Alice for Sarah Jane, the strange older lady currently living over the road to Maria, a 13-year-old whose parents have just divorced (and her dad’s rather yummy). Yup, the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures aired over the Xmas break and I’ve only got around to watching it now (thank god for DVD recorders, eh?). It’s fantastic: It’s political, it’s funny, it’s dramatic, it’s great writing for kids, adults can watch it too. And… it’s miles better than Torchwood. Take a look at what my good friend Charlie made of it here.

Seriously Beeb people: ditch TW while you can and make Sarah-Jane your spin-off legacy. I promise, I’ll forget about its terrible finale (do you guys not understand the logic of time travel? No? Go and watch Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure for the basics, okay?) – less of the whole deus ex machina thing, yeah? More Billis – he was terrifying. Less of the bringing people back from the dead (that kiss of life was almost unforgivable, and how did Rhys come back if he’d never been through the rift eh? Eh?!) and more harsh realities of people’s decisions – wouldn’t it have been better to keep Rhys dead and then have Gwen all bitter and twisted next season?

Anyway. On to bigger and better things. Saw the first two eps of 24 season six last night and am happy to report that it’s back on good form. No more annoyingly crappy president, Jack is alive (and a bit beardy weirdy at first) and Chloe’s gone a bit foxy (well, as foxy as Chloe can go, bless her). So here’s to Jack (and that first kill where he revisits a certain film he did in his youth…), on the sixth longest day of his life…

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