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"It was about yoghurt. Mostly"

January 4, 2007

Sorry it’s taken so long to post about This Life +10 but it’s taken this long for me to digest it and to ponder if I liked it or not… Strange really , and I think it’s just left me feeling a little blank. Okay, the acting was stellar as ever, and it was great to see the gang back together again. But more than a few things narked me.

It wasn’t just the totally unrealistic and clunky way they were brought together (yeah, like Egg would have made it as a successful writer, enough to have a documentary about him!), nor was it the shoe-horned-in ‘issues of today’ (the Iraq war, turkey basters, women who give up work feeling redundant, er… Thai brides), or Anna’s weird hunchback (has the woman never heard of pilates?). A lot of it was totally ridiculous (bailiffs arriving in the middle of the night, ooooh, look and iPod and a reference to the Kaiserchiefs. We’re deffo in the noughties now!) and there was bugger all chemistry between Miles and Anna now. Tsk…

And it was a shame they relied so heavily on the Power Five, as it was always the supporting cast that were more interesting to me. What’s Kira up to? And what happened after Milly whacked Rachel?

I’m not sure what it was. Maybe it was all the above and more, but I certainly felt that the old magic of before had gone. So like Miles and Anna, I’m going to sweep it under the carpet, try and forget about it and remember the classic series as it was in the good old days.

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