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The ultimate in happy slapping…

January 2, 2007

Does anyone else find this whole Sadam hanging thing a tiny bit disconcerting? Aside from the fact that it’s probably one of his many looky-likies that they hung and not the real deal himself – conspiracy theorist? Moi? – and the fact that (as predicted) it’s only serving to anger his many followers and turn the guy into a martyr, someone has actually captured the whole thing on their mobile phone. Now if that’s not the ultimate in happy slapping, I don’t know what is…

On the news, they filmed until the actual moment of hanging and then cut to him on the floor, dead, and already the un cut versions are being touted on the net, ready to be downloaded. I’m assuming by next Christmas there’ll be a silver box-set version, a director’s cut and a digitalised, remastered version where Sadam is replaced by some kind of slimy 3D monster…

Happy new year…

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