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Love is blind

December 26, 2006

After yet another dire Torchwood episode last week I pondered to my friend (who it *the* authority on DW – everyone should have one of *those* friends) as to why I can forgive Dr Who’s foibles where Torchwood’s make me want to throw a Weeble-style eppy at the telly every Wednesday. Wise woman that she is, she said that it’s because we can forgive those shows that we’re fond of but those that have yet to earn our love still have glaringly obvious mistakes in them that can’t be over looked – love is blind, basically.

I can forgive DW (for example) for setting the Xmas special in London, and then film an entire scene in the middle of Cardiff (outside the main department store in the city no less), I can forgive the absurdity (and awful fx) of the scene with the TARDIS flying down the M4 (which actually was mean to be some London ring road, I think), and I can forgive an episode that’s meant to be Xmas time that’s as sunny as sunny can be. Because I love the show.

Yes, I hereby hold my hands up and declare that I Love Dr Who. I shall never know enough about the series – not like my friend – because I am lazy and don’t have that kind of geek capacity for memorising silly little tit bits. But I will watch the show every week *and* get stupidly excited about the Xmas special. Wasn’t Catherine Tate excellent? I was worried she’d be all scrunchied up and annoying, but she was great. And I’m glad the Doctor got dumped for a change. Ha!

On the other hand, I’ve been watching Torchwood for 11 episodes now, wishing each one to be good. Not necessarily brilliant. But good. So far, I think only a few have been okay. Not nearly as great as they could have been. I treid to relax into the series and shrug off its silliness. I really tried. But there’s only so much a girl can take. I feel totally let down. Next week’s double bill finale looks great. But going on the whole ‘trailer great/episode shite’ rule (and vice versa) it’ll no doubt be a wet squib of an exit to the first series. Oh well. The Sarah Jane escapades (or whatever they’re called) starts soon. I’ll have to start getting home early from work, eh…

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