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Hey ho, the witch is dead

December 25, 2006

And a merry Christmas to you all – yes, I am blogging on Christmas day. How sad. But hey, at least I’m not stuck watching the Queen’s Christmas message followed by a Vicar of Dibley repeat, whilst listening to Uncle Geoff snoring. No, I am spending my first Christmas, with Mr Badger like a proper grown up and everything. We even have liqueurs (thanks Norm…) Anyway, to business. Pauline Fowler has finally died of a Sonia slap and a bit of snow, or so it seems (notice how no one tried to give the old bat mouth-to-mouth). Hmmm… Hardly the “Who killed Phil” of yester year.

Anyway, two questions struck me watching Enders this week:

1) How come Rebecca is suddenly okay with the revelation that Sonia and Martin are her real parents? Didn’t she kick up a bit of a fuss when she first came to stay with Martin? Come on, she’s old enough to understand that everyone she’s ever known has been lying to her ever since she was old eough to understand. If that’s not enough to produce a giant six-year-old eppy, I don’t know what is. In the good old days, even a very young Janine would be clever enough to use this tit bit to wangle some money or a new toy out of it.

2) I knew Santa was my dad when I was five. It was late, I was hugely excited about presents (hey, I am a Jew: Jesus isn’t the son of god) and so was finding it terribly difficult to get to sleep. Suddeny I heard my father downstairs say to my mum, “I’m just going to go and do the kids’ stockings,” and with that, my childhood fell apart. The mystery exploded. So how come Bradley’s half sister (who must be at least ten) got upset when her (about 12-year-old) sister said that ‘Santa wasn’t coming,’? Eh? How embarrassed must that little actress be. Okay, so if having a ginge as your on-screen dad isn’t enough, she has to endure the knowledge that the whole world (okay, about six million Brits) thinks she believes in Father Christmas.

PS Mr Badger and I think the man with the best job in Enders is Max Branning. Aside from the hair (balding and ginger) he a) Has a fit wife who likes to dress up in a Santa uniform. b) Gets to grope Stacey’s arse in public c) He gets to punch Bradley in the face.

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  1. Jayne Nelson permalink
    December 26, 2006 4:02 pm

    As someone who hasn’t watched an episode of EastEnders in about five years, I’m curious to know how Pauline died. Was it from a severe case of “I desperately need a facelift-itis”?

    Merry Christmas!

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