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What a turn off…

December 21, 2006

For a series that has certainly had its fair share of orgasms, last night’s Torchwood surpassed itself in the name of irony, and was a total anti-climax. In fact, the same can be said for the series as a whole.

What could have been a great opportunity to show that Owen isn’t just a shag monster, became just as sordid and sexual as his other (many) encounters so far this series. It’s as if RTD is trying to shoe-horn in as much sex as possible (involving Owen) and it doesn’t sit well in the drama. I’m all for a bit of realism: some Rhys bum cheek here, a bit of a “crap” there, but if the word “fuck” and Owen’s horrible pouting orgasmic face are to be crammed in to every episode, then that’s it for me.

Each week, I tune in, hoping it’ll be better. And most of the time I’m left disappointed. I was trying to see the series as a bit of tat; something fun and casual (like the character’s view of sex it seems), but last night’s episode took it too far. Owen’s confession of ‘love’ for Ms Biggles was both appalling and embarrassing in equal measure. He likes her face when she comes? Really? Oh, Owen, how romantic! And this was RTD trying to show that Owen is capable of having a relationship that’s based on more than sex. So: first we see them collapsing next to each other after a shag. Panting and sweaty – but they’re holding hands, so it must be love. Next, he buys her a sexy revealing dress and then takes her… to a rooftop. So it must be er… love. Next another jerking, sleazy sex scene – surely when you’re in love, the sex is beautiful and flowing… Right? And surely if we’re going to see one male character having an orgasm, it should be Jack right? He’s a lot more easy on the eye and doesn’t look like he’s just crawled off the Lord of the Rings set (no offense to Gore. I did actually quite fancy him until I saw that sex scene. I suppose I just don’t like his face when he comes…)

I don’t mean to go all Mary Whitehouse, but if I wanted to watch porn, I’d go on the net. As a new fan of Doctor Who, I was really looking forward to Torchwood. It’s been such a let down and could easily be great if RTD tried to make Torchwood and not Queer As Folk with aliens. Just because it’s adult, it doesn’t mean characters *have* to swear. In fact, it’s making the series seem more teenage and less adult.

One more thing – I’m thinking of starting a TW drinking game. Top of the list will be: Gwen staring off into the distance looking a bit gawpy (as usual), saying “The thing is, it’s like there’s real life… and then there’s Torchwood…” as if it’s the first time she’s thought of it. Extra points if she’s sitting in a gawpy position. Extra points if it’s to a stranger she should be telling this to.

Anyone got any more?

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