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A lifetime like this…

December 18, 2006

“Some people wait a life time for a moment like this…” So sang the contestants at Saturday’s X Factor final. And it sure felt like a bloody lifetime from the auditions to the final. Blimey, what a marathon!

It was, as Simon said north versus south, man versus woman, black versus white… Er… talent versus that cheeky chappie from Brookside? But when it came to it, it was rather an anti-climactic final, I’m sure you’ll agree. There was no ‘which judge will win this year,’ tension and at the end of the day, Leona was sure to go on to great things here and across the pond, and Ray was sure to release a Swing album, get snapped falling out of China Whites, maybe do Celeb Big Brother and then fade into obscurity/panto/the West End by the end of 2007.

I was rather hoping that Ray would win, so that Leona would escape the dreaded X Factor Winner’s curse (Shayne was apparently the new Justin Timberlake. Where is he now? And who remembers Steve Brookstein? No, me neither). But hey, here’s hoping Simon follows the wise (and very brave) words of Mr Gary Barlow and gives Leona some good songs and not just any old tat.

It all started off quite well for Ray, I thought. His My Way and the other swing song certainly hid his god-awful singing, and was very much a rallying cry to his fans (hell, he almost swayed me. Almost). And by getting Westlife behind him, was a bit of a coup, seeing as they had been on the show before as special guests. Leona’s nerves showed and for once, I spotted some off notes (just ever so slightly). I actually preferred her I Will Always Love You when she had a throat infection, as her version in the final was a bit too loud and too warbly.

Ray almost had it in the bag. Until, that is, he was asked to sing something that wasn’t Swing. A Moment Like This: the winner’s song. And then we were all reminded how little singing talent the poor boy has. Bless him, his and his Chucky-doll face. I could bearly cope with watching it all and was just wishing the song to end. In fact it was as if he was the warm-up act when Leona took to the stage in the last part and gave a very emotional performance. It was then that I was sure she had done it. It was very close, in the end I thought, and Ray was a very good loser, especially as he’d been the favourite on the night. All credit to him on that front (just not on his singing).

I wonder what would have happened if Ray had been allowed to do a Swing version. Or if they’d chosen a different song for the finalists. It did seem a tad biased towards Leona, that. But then, I’m not shouting shenangans. Yet…

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  1. Rich permalink
    December 23, 2006 8:58 am

    Don’t forget, we’ve got Cowell’s new ‘talent’ show, Britain’s Got Talent next year. Personally I don’t see how he can surpass Brian Conley’s stab at the talent show from the summer.

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