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British comedy is better than this…

December 14, 2006

If last night’s National Comedy Awards are anything to go by, British Comedy is well and truly dead.

What was once an awards show that wasn’t afraid to honour the new, the different, and bravely went against the status quo is now basically the Ant and Dec/Little Birtain/Ricky Gervais Arse Kiss show. Even when Stephen Merchant (who was looking incredibly fit last night… anyone? No? Okay, just me then) went to accept his (well deserved) award, they went to a live link-up with Gervais so he could heckle his writing partner from across the pond. I was as if they’d paid for the satellite link-up, so they may as well have used it. Okay, so Stephen used it as a joke about always being in Gervais’ shadow, but was there really any need? Why not just give the man the stage he deserves and let him say thanks?

And don’t get me started on the snake. What was the point in that, eh? It only served to show just how shite Nigel Marvin is as a naturalist (dropping the snake, how unprofessional) and that just because you’re king of the jungle, doesn’t mean you can handle a 50 foot python… Very cruel and embarrassing and only served to waste precious acceptance speech time.

Ant and Dec. Yes, they might be funny on IACGMOOH, but I don’t think they deserve an award every sodding year. It’s all a bit predictable now isn’t it? And when Wossy was given his ‘surprise’ award, did anyone else notice a sense of boredom fly around the room? It was as if no one cared and just wanted to get on with the evening.

Pressing questions of the night that I’m too enraged to go into:
Is Charlotte Church a comedian? Why is she best female newcomer? Surely if anyone should receive an award it’s the viewers for putting up with her *boom boom*. No, really. It’s her team of writers. Where were they eh?

Why create an award just so that Little Britain can win it? Why not just honour the people who best deserve it, like The Mighty Boosh, and Mitchell and Webb?

Why was Paul Ross sitting at the front and Wossy’s wife Jayne near the back? Do they hate each other? Actually, what was Paul doing there in the first place?

Chris Tarrant? Chris Tarrant?! Have they run out of old comedians or something?

What has Courtney Love done to her face?!

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