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No way!

November 22, 2006

Shock horror at this week’s Torchwood for a few reasons:

1) It was good! And I mean really good!
I watched it with the lights off and was genuinely scared. A bit. Well, enough to hold a pillow in front of me Just In Case… Anyway, the tension was great and who’d’ve thought it was just a bunch of weird Welshies and their ‘traditions’ eh? Incidentally, I’m surprised there haven’t been any complaints from the Valley peeps so far – mind you, they haven’t got access to telephones or computers, eh? Either way, it can’t have done much for the Welsh tourist board…

2) The ‘twist’ at the end! *spoiler*
Who’d’ve thought it, eh? And so soon! And with him! Hopefully, you readers will have watched Torchwood first before reading this bit as it’ll just be way too weird otherwise, so I shall carry on assuming everyone has either watched it, or doesn’t really give a monkeys.

Ready? Okay…

Owen?! Owen?! Okay, I know they snogged last week (heh, who says snog these days? Me, that’s who) and she’s been avoiding him ever since (which, as we all know only serves to ramp up the tension) so it’s not a total shock. But I thought if she was going to cheat with anyone, It’d surely be with Jack, who has… more to him I suppose. And I’m still not used to the naughty language. Hearing them talking about ‘coming’ was rather shocking – even to my dirty ears. I suppose I’m very much still locked into Dr Who world.

I’m a tad disappointed, tbh. I’d hoped that if she were to jeopardise her relationship with anyone, it would be with someone more worthy, like Jack. They have more chemistry, she knows more about him than the other TW peeps, and it’s kind of like the Gwen and Jack show anyway… But maybe they’re making Jack more of a father/older brother figure… I dunno. Sometimes I just don’t know what RTD is thinking – a lesbian storyline for Tosh next week then. After her obvious yearnings for Owen this week? Make up your mind please RTD! Honestly…

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  1. Mad Meg permalink
    November 22, 2006 5:14 pm

    Grown up Dr Who!! Love it!

    I too was watching it at home, lights off, industrial dehumidifier loudly humming (don’t ask), and two neurotic cats chasing shadows at the most inopportune moments. I didn’t move from the spot from the whole episode. Twas the scariest yet! Jumped a bloody mile when DH walked in the door!

    I’m shocked too by the twist at the end. Mind you there was some pent up frustration that was due to explode on her part. Maybe she’s making do with Owen until she can get her hands on the lovely buns of Jack! Can’t relate to Owen in a romantic character kind of way since I realised he played the scary Mr Guppy in Bleak House. Now he’s typecast in my head as a bit of a weasly chap.

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