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RIP Pauline

November 21, 2006
It’s long been known that Pauline Fowler is due to trip off the mortal coil this Christmas (yet another joyous Chrimbo scheduled for Enders this year, then – actually, yes! For once) and here are the photos to prove it. Phew!

It’s strange, seeing actual physical proof of it does make me feel a bit strange. It really is the end of an era. Ian Beale is the only original cast member left (if memory serves). I bet the Enders writers are gutted about that – the one character that is all-pervading: Ian bloody Beale. He’ll most probably survive the atom bomb explosion, pencilled in for Easter…

Anyway, back to Pauline. I saw an interview with Ms Richards on Parkie at the weekend and she said she left because of certain changes they had made to her character (like marrying Joe) that she didn’t approve of. She said Pauline should never have married Joe. And I suppose she makes a good point. If Pauline would have just sat in the chair in the corner while her family lived on around her it would have added weight to her living vicariously through Martin. Plus, she’d get paid a load of wonga for basically sitting on a chair all day… She also added that no one knows a character like the actor that plays them. Sorry, but surely the writers know slightly more, seeing as they created them *and* know what’s coming up in their lives?

Anyway. Farewell, Walford’s most annoying interfering old biddy. You have given us many a frustrated hour, trying work work out which dinosaur you most look like: a T-Rex (those eyes!) or a Diplodocus (that wrinkly neck).

PS: I hear that Wendy Richards is planning a load of surgery now she’s free to do what she likes with her looks… (punchlines please…)

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