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Jungle fever

November 20, 2006

One week in and, oh, how things have changed in the jungle. Just reading over my post about Jan and how lovely she seems makes me rather embarrassed. What a devil woman she is – whiney, moany, matronly, attention-seeking, stroppy, flirty… And that’s after only a few glasses of wine (keep the alcohol coming, execs). Weirdly enough, even though this woman makes my teeth itch, I still feel bad for her having to do the trials every time. She’s getting it from all sides: her junglists hate her, and the public bullies her.

Still loving Jason Donovan. Wasn’t sure about him when he bungeed out of the chopper (his faux machismo was rather uncomfortable) but he’s definitely the go-to guy. Guest is still going strong chez Badger, what with his dead-pan put downs whenever anyone sings anything – “Yeah,” he said, clearly fed up. “We’ll work on it tomorrow.” But the best quote about him so far (and forgive the lazy comedy here, but I can’t believe it was said without any kind of awareness at all) goes to Phina, she of the pouty-lips. About the snake trial that Jan had just done, she said “I think David wanted to do it, as he seems quite good with snakes – having spent some time with the Jacksons, anyway.”

It’s a shame the public keep making either Jan, Scott or David (the power three) do the trials, as it means we don’t get to see anyone else shine. Even with twelve ‘celebrities’ now in the jungle, it’s fast become a three horse race… Let’s see how Faith copes in a coffin full of rats, eh? Or see Myleene tackle a croc? Or shall we just subject a fifty-something year old woman to more fear and loathing…?

**Breaking news: the camp is to be split into two camps! Boys vs Girls. How will Jan et al cope without their go-to guy?
One half will stay in camp, the others will go to Snake Rock and will battle for food and immunity…

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  1. Woowookid permalink
    November 20, 2006 3:00 pm

    Noticed last night she told Phina to go away when she was in the Bush Telegraph, but when Jason came in she was ready for a cuddle.

    She plainly isn’t a fan of the female sex, but she’s a manipulative old hag, and knows how to twist men round her little finger. No wonder there’s 5 ex Mr Leemings!

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