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I stayed in last night, didn’t watch any TV – and had fun

November 17, 2006

I know it’s hard to believe but I actually stayed in last night, didn’t watch any TV and had fun! Madness… Thankfully, though, the bringer of said fun is currently starring in a ‘reality’ show set in a jungle far, far away, which allows me to discuss it here. Who knew Jason Donovan had so many strings to his bow? Actor, singer and now as a voice artist for surely the best game in the world ever – Buzz.

For the uninitiated, Buzz is a music quiz with lots of different rounds (some where you can steal others’ points, nominate them to answer a tricky question, a speed round, etc) and has to be the most addictive thing this side of the Priory. It even has special consoles with a Buzz button and four coloured buttons for those tricky multiple-choice questions. Donovan plays Buzz, the host of the quiz, who guides you through each round, occassionally poking fun at your dismal score.

I arrived at my amigo’s house full of trepidation. I’d never played before and they were all experts. Plus, I was sure they knew more about music than I. Would I be able to hold my own, armed with a penchant for ’90s Dance and a few S Club albums (I only admit to this to illustrate a point, you understand. Plus, they were bought for irony at the time)? Well, I’m pleased to say that I can hold my head up high, as I came 5th out of nine, which isn’t *that* bad. I was expecting to be last or maybe eighth, so I’m pleased with that. Plus I’m thinking (with my new-found addiction) I can get some practise in for next time and then blow them all away with my speedy fingers and tactical playing.

The only problem is that the Badger household is an Xbox household. And Buzz, I gather, is for the PS2. Now, fear not, telly fans. I’m not about to go into a debate about the merits of either, nor am I about to lament the lack of cross platform gaming in today’s ever money-hungry industry. I’m just hoping that someone out there knows of a similar game for the Xbox, before I go cold-turkey. Anyone? Anyone?

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