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Dating the enemy

November 15, 2006

I’m pretty interested in sociology and anthropology, me… I like sitting in cafes, people-watching. And I enjoy a good old debate about whether opposites attract. Which is why I made sure I watched Dating The Enemy (Tuesdays, ITV, 10pm) last night.

The premise is that they get a girl to date off-type. So last night, Posh bird Karolyne (you can tell she’s posh by the fact she doesn’t spell her name proper) who hates Essex boys and their “Al right darlin’” etc, had to spend the weekend with Essex-boy Gavin.

They should have renamed the programme Bitch dates nice bloke, as Karolyne spent the entire weekend looking down her nose and spouting stuck-up nonsense. After ten minutes in Gavin’s company, Karolyne told him that she only dates intellectual blokes, and that he obviously can’t be intellectual because he’s obviously not interested in Politics (because he’s an Essex boy). Like she’d bought a book called ‘Intellectual Subjects’ and politics was on the list. Hmmm, maybe she should have bought a book on Logic instead, eh? Anyway, Gavin came across as a charming, romantic, attentive, clean, kind man. He even went into a flower shop and bought Karolyne one of every flower as he wasn’t sure which was her favourite… What a darling (and also, a damned clever way odf getting into a girl’s knickers – which he did, the old dog).

Karolyne meanwhile let herself be swept off her feet with a visit to Saaarf-end and a chip shop, and then spread her aristocratic legs after a few too many Bacardi Breezers. The little tart (she’s fitting in nicely in Essex then). So, Essex boys are good enough for her after all. Cue Gavin’s turn to back off (having proved his point) and after a snobbish remark too many, he stopped calling her.

*adopts best Essex accent* Noice waaan, saaaan!

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