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Louis Walsh’s bluff called

November 14, 2006

What is it about Louis Walsh that I find so repulsive? Is it his Igor-like, sycophantic posture? His annoying speech impediment? His inability to form any kind of opinion? His churning out of dross (Girls Aloud excepted)? Okay. It’s all of the above. And more – last night on The Bigger Picture with Graham Norton (Mondays, BBC1, 10.35pm) Louis was doing his best impression of an old queen, gossiping and bitching away about anyone and everyone. He was just coming across as being a Very Interesting Person, who knew everything about everyone – the one to turn to for celebrity gossip.

Until, that is, Mr Annoying himself, Richard Madeley jumped in to defend Britney Spears, who Louis had just slagged off as being ugly with bad skin, etc. Richard explained that he had interviewed her face-to-face and she was a very pretty girl. At which, Louis bluff obviously called, he muttered something about makeup and bad lighting… Oh dear, Louis. Am I glad that you were shown on national telly to be the desperate, fame-hungry git you are, or am I thrilled that it was Richard Madeley of all people who did it to you? Oh and that Norton said you didn’t give off the impression you were hideously rich (i.e: you look like a chav)? Okay. It’s all of the above.

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