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A biker in a pink shirt?

November 14, 2006

Much as I’d love to, I just can’t give up Trinny and Susannah. Maybe it’s the public school girl in me (hey, it was a long time ago, okay?) or maybe it’s my clothes magpie nature, but I *need* to watch stylists in action (yes, even that bloke what does Lorraine’s show on GMTV – this morning’s ray of wisdom: Black is flattering. Really?)

Aaaanyway, over the past few weeks, we’ve had a biker in a pink shirt (hideous) and a 23-year-old lanky bloke dressed up to look like a 12-year-old at a funeral. Poor sod (altho I did like what they did with his hair…).

I’m not sure what it is (maybe it’s the lack of the 360 degree mirror) but something has gone wrong since the move to ITV. It’s a shame because the format worked, and sometimes I’d be really moved at the transformations that occurred (not just the clothes).

Oh well, I shall continue to watch tonight and I’m sure others will. And it just goes to show that all you need to do is stick any old makeover programme on the box, and us fashion whores will watch, goggle eyed.

Mmmmmm, clothes… *dribble*

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  1. Smurfette permalink
    November 17, 2006 11:02 am

    You’re not alone in your addiction to Trinny & Susannah… there must be TSA (Trinny & Suze anonymous) gatherings going on across the country.

    Am afraid I have to disagree on your love of their recent offerings though! I saw the first of Trinny & Susannah undressed and it disturbed me so much I have banished them to my personal telly hell.

    What a shame. THey used to have a great format – first class tv – but now they just spend most of the show blithering on about the intimate details of some poor couple’s flailing relationship, while the couple in question awkwardly admit that, yes, ‘Jerry DOES always forget to take the bins out and yes, after 20 years of marriage the situation cannot go on untended’… Worse still they suggest that getting the hubby to dress up in a new pair of cordroy trousers will actually be the miracle (Thank the lord) that saves the said, flailing relationship.

    I don’t believe their amateur relationship anaylsis, nor do I think a new pair of hush puppies is the best recipe for avoiding the divorce courts OR approve of them bullying clearly intellectually challenged couples into dramatising the demise of their relationships for prime time entertainment!

    Rant over. They do always have nice shoes and shiny shiny hair though

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