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Okay. I admit. I was wrong. There. Happy?

November 3, 2006

I wasn’t so sure about Lead Balloon at first (see earlier posts) but last night’s episode has forced me to admit that, yes… *deep breath* I. Was. Wrong. It’s actually good and there’s definite potential there. I do think it suffers because of Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Office (perhaps if it had not been for these shows, I’d be celebrating its genius now), but it’s very difficult not to watch and think of Gervais or David (last night’s news agents scene – although hilarious – is a classic example).

Still, it’s watchable. And it’s good to see Jack Dee back on the small screen in a show (and not an advert or BB). I like the fact that he uses some of his old stand up material too (makes me feel smug). Didn’t like the first episode much, as I felt Dee was trying to make his character (like Gervais did with Brent) both hateful and sympathetic at the same time – Dee’s Spleen would steal other people’s jokes and then get into embarrassing scrapes in the newspapers. But this episode was much better with great observational; comedy involving lost teaspoons, a toaster and a newspaper delivery boy.

Here’s to the next one then…

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