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October 20, 2006

Thursday Night Comedy has come to an abrupt end, with BBC’s Extras, That Mitchell and Webb Look and Mock the Week coming to the end of their run last night. Yes I was wearing a black armband, especially as I’d had a peak at next weeks’ replacements. We’ll sadly be saddled with The Catherine Tate Show – which I’ve never really got (into) – and then a new Jack Dee sit com, called Lead Balloon which, from the trailers I’ve seen, will surely go down like one…

Luckily though, there’s the return of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, still without Mark Lamarr (who left in 2005, fact fans). Hopefully replacement Simon Amstell will be as funny as he has been on his many guest spots, however, the funny moments did seem to occur when Lamarr was ripping the piss out of the smug git, so we shall have to see…

So, Extras has gone but is not forgotten. Certainly not with a sterling finale last night, featuring Jonathan Ross and a brilliant appearance by *shit-they-actually-got-him* Robert de Niro. As I watched him on screen, sitting opposite Stephen Merchant and looking at a naked lady on a pen, my eyes went all fuzzy. It was as if two galaxies had collided and the world was about to end. That Mitchell and Webb Look ended (as all classic comedies should) with a song, as their two boozing snooker commentators treated us to the secret snooker version of Lady In Red. Classic stuff. I felt the series got off to a tricky, slow start, but definitely got better the more you watched it and even dubious sketches (like Numberwang) that at first seemed to lack the steam needed for the entire six-show run, totally confounded those expectations and smacked of brilliance (Wordwang just HAS to be commissioned, surely).

So, let’s pack Thursday Night Comedy off in its little straw-lined box to hibernate for the winter, and hope it doesn’t die in the mean time. Or escape and end up in Woking.

PS Click here to play Numberwang!

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