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Soap Land un-reality goes too far

October 20, 2006

I know there has to be some kind of artistic license when writing soaps. I don’t expect exact reality because (as we all know from watching Big Brother Live) real life is just boring. But surely going off on flights of fancy that are totally ridiculous (and treating the viewer like a moron in the process) is going a bit far.

Now I know the majority of Hollyoaks viewers are of the moronic variety (cohabiting males who use it as a safe porn substitute safe in the knowledge that their girlfriend will just think they’re watching it *with* them, teenagers, heat readers) but even we can see the huge flapping-in-the-wind holes in the latest Justin/Becca saga. Having been dumped by Becca, Justin has taken his revenge by turning to the police, telling them that she sexually abused him by sleeping with him when he was 15, and has manipulated him into living with her and her unborn baby ever since.

In last night’s SHODDILY researched episode, Becca is interrogated by a police officer, who clearly thinks of herself as a cross between Fitz from Cracker and an SS interrogator. It just would never happen like that. Okay, so Justin bought the engagement ring with Becca’s credit card (which obviously makes the police jump to the conclusion that it was Becca that bought the ring, hence more evidence of her manipulation) but all they have to do take a look at Justin’s back and see the huge “Becca” tattoo he has across his ever increasing love handles (i seriously used to find this lump of lard attractive?!), and they’d start to see things a bit differently. They’d surely also have asked around by now and would have heard that Justin stood up in front of the entire school and boasted about how he’d slept with Becca and was in love with her, not to mention the countless people who can testify that he more or less stalked here for a good year or so. The whole thing is utterly ridiculous. Anyway, this ‘investigation’ would certainly have started the moment Becca was fired from her job…

So. A lesson to be learned I think. Do your research, Oaks people: we’re not as dumb as you think we are (but we might just take things a bit too seriously).

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